You've practised and you've trained.

You've felt the pain and you've kept up the smile.

You think about competing, you dream about winning and you realise you're hooked.

You've become an Irish Dancer.


Aspire is a range of customisable Irish Dancing costumes by Gavin Doherty that let you look and feel like an Irish dancer from your very first step onto the stage.

They're made from traditional gabardine so they look, feel and move like traditional Irish dancing costumes, yet they're hard wearing and machine washable. You can choose the design and colours using our 3d design studio and your unique costume will be created using the latest fabric printing technology.

Aspire Class costumes use standard sizing and are a great way to create an identity for your school at a low cost. With Aspire Class, you can even upload your school's logo to be printed on the costumes.

With Aspire Solo costumes, you can choose a design, select your colours, as well as sleeve type and collar. Add extra bling with Swarovski crystals. When you order an Aspire Solo costume, our surefit process including a toile sizing dress will ensure your costume fits perfectly.