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Aspire Irish Dancing Dresses

Irish Dancing has never been more popular. Shows like Riverdance and Lord of the Dance have helped it to reach global audiences that previously were unaware of, or showed no interest in, Irish Dancing. This has led to a resurgence in the numbers taking up dancing in countries with a strong Irish dancing tradition, along with the addition of areas that previously weren’t involved.

Growth in numbers has not been unrestrained. The cost, or perceived cost, of entry into dancing has prevented many potential new Irish dancers from giving it a whirl (or clicking their heels). If the thought of having to pay for classes, travel, wigs and shoes makes parents think twice, then the cost of paying for a new costume every year or two will stop them dead in their tracks. The workaround that has been adopted by many dancers is to wear clothing that is designed for other sports, such as gymnastics. Whilst it's better that kids dance in non-conventional clothing than not at all, it arguably robs the Irish Dancing experience of some of its unique character and magic.